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How To Make Windows XP Bootable USB Or Pen Drive

In Today's tutorial I'm going to explain how we can our pen drive or USB bootable with Windows Xp. Sometimes we get into problem that: we want to format PC/Laptop/Net book (especially) but unfortunately we don't have any CD/DVD writer now what's the solutions...................
It Goes Here:


o    2 gb pen drive / USB,

o    Windows Xp Bootable iso image or DVD,
o    If you don't  have just download it from for free
o for purchasing

o    Usb Multiboot : you can download it from here: for free.

o    Daemon Tools : you can download it from here :
o for free.


      1) First of all just unzip usb multiboot on your pc at :->         C:/usb_multiboot (means extract in C drive of folder named usb_multiboot)
    2)Now, mount your Windows XP iso image to virtual drive using    daemon tools. Or Insert your Windows Xp Bootable CD In CD/ DVD  Drive.

    3)Then, connect your USB or Pen Drive.

    4)Run USB_MultiBoot_10.cmd and follow description.

    5)A utility black colored DOS window will appear.

     6)Now, Choose FAT 16 option for USB’s of 2GB Capacity.

    7)For formatting your USB / pen drive select HP format option.

     8) When finished just close.

     9)Now select Option 3 as it will create image and will write it to your    USB / pen drive as well as it will make your USB / pen drive bootable  also.

          10)Now Select Yes on all options that will be asked during the process.

     11)Have patience for 15 - 20 minutes, your pen drive / USB stick is ready to format your PC.

  j  Hope this post helps you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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